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Component Deals & Selection / Re: Elliptical Chainrings. Thoughts?
« on: December 06, 2017, 01:45:50 PM »
Shimano doesn't use narrow-wide profiles on their 1x chainrings and it works.

Shimano uses a tooth profile that's more square to help keep the chain on.  The chain ring should have some sort of retention, whether it's narrow-wide, square tooth like Shimano, or a chain guide.  A standard tooth profile is designed for shifting, which is not ideal for 1x.

29+ & 27+ / Re: Ican P8 full suspension build
« on: August 09, 2017, 07:50:52 AM »
The frame looks great! Good luck with the build.

Metro detroit has a new trail system started.. only 10 miles for now.. but going to be expanded to about 25 miles..



DTE is definitely my new favorite trail!  I'm about 50 minutes away so I only get out there once a week or so.

29+ & 27+ / Re: Carbon Speed 2017 27.5 plus FS frame CS-FS27
« on: July 23, 2017, 09:46:39 PM »
So Peter from carbon speed says the cable routing has been fixed on the cs-fs27, but didn't say anything about the caliper mounting. He quoted $740 including fees and shipping for the frame with headset and axle.
Did he say what the actual change is?  Does the brake now run through the down tube?

29+ & 27+ / Re: 27.5+ FS Frame Options
« on: July 23, 2017, 09:45:09 PM »
I have the FS27, the actual frame weight for my medium frame is 2.1kg. The head angle is not as slack as advertised. Its about 67.5~68 degree (with 120mm reba, measured with my phone app). I put a 165x38 shock in mine, and it doesnt feels like a 130mm travel at all. If its a copy of the scott it should be 120mm rear with 165x45 shock, so I put a shock with less stroke the actual travel should be reduced also, from my calculation it would we about 100mm.

The bike is very efficient for a full suspension (even I set sag at more than 30%). My build is light enough for me and I am happy with the performance (I put 29er wheels). Also Peter from xmcarboonspeed is very helpful.

Get the fs27, you wont be disappointed.  :)

Thank you! I'm definitely starting to think the FS27 is going to meet my needs more than all the others, and suit my riding the best.  I'm renting a Trek Fuel EX 27.5+ this weekend, since I haven't actually ridden a plus bike yet.  If I think the plus bike is the way to go for me, I think I will go ahead and place an order for the FS27 frame and a set of carbon wheels with DT350's from Peter.

Just curious, what size did you order and how tall are you?  I'm 5' 10" and currently ride an 18" Giant Talon.  The chart on Scott's website for the Spark Plus has 5'10" listed in between the 17.5" and 19".

29+ & 27+ / Re: 27.5+ FS Frame Options
« on: July 14, 2017, 07:39:28 AM »
I am in the same boat as you in looking for a full suspension + bike.  couple things i would add to your list. 

FS27 -
- it does not use a trunnion shock it is just upside down.  any regular shock that is 165x38 will fit. 

- the Geo is the same as the M06 frame.  all they have done is create a boost spaced rear end.  i emailed them about this frame as to me it seems like the best option.

-i think a lot will come down to the geo.  all the designs have been proven by some name brand manufacturer so i would not worry about that.  like the flex stays of the FS27 and FM006. 
-the 165x38 shock is a pretty common XC bike shock size so i would not really count that as a con unless the travel that it provides is not what you are looking for and then that pretty much should rule out that frame anyways.   
-you have both XC and AM head angles as pros, that tells me you may want to look at what you want the bike to do.  those are kind of mutually exclusive riding segments.  find out what you do more of and go with that frame. 
-the P9 is listed as OEM old so not sure if Joe Public can buy this.  something to look into. 

just my thought

Thanks for the input!  Yeah I have both geometry's in the pro's, mostly because it seems they match the type of bike, and not necessarily because it's the exact geometry I'm looking for.  For example, if the P9 had a 68.5 deg head angle it'd be a con, because it wouldn't match the AM frame.  These 4 seem to all have updated geometry, as they are copies of new bikes.

I guess I glanced over the text in the main picture saying the P9 is for OEM only, however I was emailing with ICAN and they quoted me the P9 shipped to USA, so maybe that text is not valid.

29+ & 27+ / 27.5+ FS Frame Options
« on: July 13, 2017, 03:36:43 PM »
I currently have a 2013 Giant Talon, and I'm planning for a full suspension Chiner build and wanted to get some opinions and see if anyone knows of other frames to consider.  I want a 27.5+ full suspension that can also use a 29x2.3 wheel/tire.  So far I've found 4 frames that fit the bill.  Some of these pro's and con's are general, and some are specific to what I'm looking for.  The M04 is not being produced anymore, so that one is not considered.

Carbon Speed CS-FS27 -

- Rear shock that terminates near bottom bracket (I can't stand when they mount to middle of top tube or down tube, unless they have geometry to load directly to head tube through top tube)
- Lightweight (2050g)
- Peter at Carbon Speed has great reputation
- A few builds with good reviews, still not as many builds as the other non-plus bike frames
- 130/122mm travel is good middle ground between XC and trail
- 31.6mm seat tube (seems most common, easier to find deals on posts)
- Similar geometry to Scott Spark which has great reviews, relatively slack headtube angle
- Cost, $635

- Rear brake cable routed through top tube and top of rear triangle, bending the cable through suspension travel
- No pivot on chainstays, seatstays, or rear axle, causing bending to the seatstays when the pivot actuates (common design, at least I've seen it on aluminum frames, but it's something I'd like to avoid)
- BB92 (subjective, I haven't actually worked with press fit bottom brackets before, but it seems like it has similar inconveniences of BB30, but with the smaller 24mm shaft of BSA)
- Small rear shock, 165x38 is intended for trunnion mount, but finding a trunnion mount shock seems difficult, 165mm non-trunnion are not all that popular either


- Rear shock that terminates near bottom bracket
- Pivot on chainstay
- Reasonable weight (2368g), I'd rather have a carbon frame that's slightly heavier if it means more reliability
- BSA (easy to maintain/install)
- 31.6mm seat tube
- 120mm travel good for XC
- 200x51mm shock opens up possibilities, especially DVO Topaz (I enjoy suspension tinkering, so DVO stuff seems really interesting)
- The few reviews about other ICAN bikes are positive
- 68 deg headtube angle reflects XC

- I'm not sure I've seen reviews, other than on Amazon
- Cost ($776 for IMUST XP07 on Amazon)


- Rear shock that terminates near bottom bracket
- Pivot on chainstay
- Reasonable weight (2400g), seems acceptable considering travel and intended use
- 30.9mm seat tube (this is a personal pro, my Giant is 30.9 so I already have a dropper that I'd transfer to the Chiner)
- 150mm travel, more trial/AM focused, also allows use of DVO Diamond, for same reasons of Topaz above
- Slack 66 deg heat tube angle matches AM focus
- I haven't been able to track down if this is a direct copied frame, but it's very close to a Norco Carbon Sight or Range, with slightly different geometry

- 210x55mm shock, I only see a CCDB on Jenson, DVO Topaz in 216x57.5mm may work but would have to check out geometry changes
- No reviews, brand new frame
- Cost, $730 (still reasonable, just more than FS27)

Dengfu FM006 / M06 -

- Cost, $580 (found on forum, not sure if current)
- Weight (2100g)
- Seems like good cable routing

- Not sure yet about travel, website doesn't say, I've seen 100mm on forums, but some Scott sparks also are 130mm (I've seen this geometry compared to either Scott Spark or Yeti ASRC)
- Not much info on website, geometry tab doesn't show anything
- Low bottom bracket
- Same rear shock size as FS27
- BB92
- Lack of pivot on rear triangle

After writing this down on paper, I think it's pretty obvious that I like the ICAN frames more than the FS27, but it's unfortunate since I was really wanting to work with Carbon Speed.  The Dengfu just seems to be lacking info, and I need to email them.  I'd like to hear if any of my opinions are off, since I'm fairly new to this sport.  The ICAN frames may just be lacking con's because I missed something or because there's no reviews out about them.  But I really like the overall geometry and solid design of the bikes.  I think it comes down to figuring out what travel I am aiming for.  I'm in SE Michigan, which doesn't require any crazy high travel bikes (we do have lots and lots of roots, so the plus tires along with some travel is definitely nice).  But I'd also like it to be capable enough to bring along on a trip to the upper peninsula to Copper Harbor or a road trip to Colorado and such.  A new trail opened up here that also has quite a bit of jumps, so I don't want to limit myself when I start to get faster and higher.  I feel like with the new tech in forks, shocks, and geometry you can get away with a little higher travel and still have a decent climbing bike.  That leads me to the ICAN P9, but I also don't want to get in over my head and get worn out on climbs.  Thanks!

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