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thank you for the feedback
I think I'll do the same when I'll take a 34 ring

26er & 27.5 (650b) / Re: List of 27.5 (650b) Frames
« on: April 23, 2017, 01:43:24 PM »
based on the website information: it's 2 years:

Thank you Carbon_Dude  ;)

I have done some more rides since my last post, and specially this week-end in a rocky area with a lot off hills... and I really appreciated my Full Suspension bike   ;D (easy for climbs and very stable for downhill tracks)
I found that I need to a little more pressure in the fork and shox for this kind of ride - but the behavior is already almost perfect
The shox RS Monarch RT3 is a good choice - I hesitated to buy a Fox one... but RS is really less expensive and does a good job
more I ride more I'm happy of the frame/components choices ( will I take my hartail again ???:D)

the build is complete, bike is tested and approuved  ;D

Globally the frame quality is very good - cable routing entrance are great and give a better level than those I have on my other Chiner bike (it's similar to wellknown brands)

here it is:

I have not checked its weight yet but  (after having verified most of the parts) it should weight 10kg (only  :D)

A few comments about the build:

  • I started by having a (small) problem with the head tube. The parts used for screws (cable entrance ) are a little too long - they touched the fork pivot so I had to file them a little

  • Brakes hose and cable for speed lever were easy to install
  • Restriction about Crank Set - I installed a SRAM Eagle but I currently use it with 11 speed (I'll move to 12 speed later)
    The crank set was mounted with a 32 teeth ring... and fortunately for me because there is no so much clearance between the frame and the ring. I fear that using a 34 teeth ring is not possible (not a problem for today... but my wish to move to 12 speed + a 34 teeth ring.... is not sure to become real one day ....)

  • no problem regarding the tire clearance... I use a 2.1"tire and I still have some space>>> I think 27.5 + tire could even fit

I did a 66km ride with it and I'm really happy about the build - Lightweight, really comfortable, and a good position (I still need to adjust the handlebar to have it perfect  ;D )
it took me a lot of time to get all parts (5 months) but it was necessary to get good deals all of them.... so patience pays :-)

Now I need to train myself to enjoy more and more rides with it  ;)

My turn to start the build with this WCB-M-109 frame

I've almost received all parts - the 3 last are on the way to home
if I have no problem with the parcel shipping and if I have time... the build should be done by next week-end  ;D
I will Post some pics when it's done

After The Ride / Re: Can my daugther have your vote please?
« on: January 05, 2017, 04:09:12 PM »
Done  too ;)

After The Ride / Happy new year
« on: January 01, 2017, 04:51:12 AM »
Happy new year 2017 to all

Hope this new year will make all your dreams true

didn't make any Christmas gift list, but received a few things anyway so happy with it :-)

I did not ask anything cause I started to buy a couple of things for my new build :-)
Parcels have been arriving the one after the other ones for a few weeks (last one yesterday :-) )... now I'm waiting for the frame that should leave China in a few days...
So when it'll arrive, that will really be my Christmas gift ;-)

Hello The1ne

I guess you did not read the frame specs with enough attention- a 100mm fork is required!
it's a XC/Marathon frame, not DH

By "dummy" I meant the transport plastic part yes, same for the rear axle. Forgot to remove those before putting the frame on the scale  ::)
It's what I thought.. but wanted to be sure
Thank you Alcaid ;-)

thanks Alcaid

I've ordered a 19"too

what do you mean by "dummy" rear shock - do you mean the plastic part used for transportation?

if so, the weight wouldn't be in line with the given weight - I was told 2070gr without shock... we'll see

for my order, 25 days left does not let me any chance to get it for Christmass, but that's life.. it will arrive soon or later :-)
patience... patience :-)
I'll post some pics when I'll receive it
my build is already done..  on the paper, and if I can get all parts I want for a good price (Christmass time should help :-) ) it should be some kind of light FS bike (under 10.5kg with pedals)
we'll see  ;)

thanks Alcaid

did you checked the frame weight when you received it?

I got an update today .... mine should be finished  in 25 days :-)

oh yeeeess - what a beautiful build....

what is size is your frame: 17.5 or 19 ?


looks good  ;)

what is your opion about the frame ?
is it at the level of your expectations?

what is your frame size? and can you put a picture with the bike completly viewable?

Hello Alcaid

any "out of the box"comment about your frame?
working hard on the build ?

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