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After The Ride / Reactivated CS-RB01 frame.
« on: February 02, 2018, 02:25:09 AM »
It seems the Road Bike section is no longer available (or it's not showing on my phone).

Anyway, short history, I got a CS-RB01-RF01 from XM Carbon Speed and build me the orange-themed bike. Sadly, the right seatstay suffered a crack but Peter graciously sent me a new one. So I ended up with an extra frame.

I found this auto repair/detailing shop that charged me US$6.00 to patch the crack. It didn't look nice but I can't expect more at that price. Anyway, my biking buddy bought himself a bike garage, well not literally, just a stand and a full set of tools and wanted to dabble with building and repairing his bikes. So to help him out hone his skills, I had him build me a single speed with this frame.

Still not complete but here's a picture of my blue-themed bullhorn ss. Let's just hope that $6 repair holds.

Btw, the blue strip on the top tube is just excess bar tape wrapped around. Not permanent.

Component Deals & Selection / Crimson Cycle Boost Hubs
« on: December 22, 2017, 01:23:21 AM »
Recently, I saw someone selling these Crimson Cycle boost hubs for $110/pair (front & rear) in a local Filipino online bike market.

He claimed that it is Canadian made but I couldn't find anything official about it. is under construction, youtube videos were done by the seller.

Is this a legitimate Canadian brand? Anyone heard of this company before?

Component Deals & Selection / Tubeless-Ready vs regular rims.
« on: November 05, 2017, 10:40:36 PM »
What exactly is the difference between these two?

I went tubeless early this year using an 8 or 9yr old model  WTB rim without thinking if it was doable or not. I just went for it, albiet I did had a mechanic do it for me. I just bought the tape and tubeless valve. I asked this because I'm been seeing/hearing/reading a lot of tubeless-ready rims, not to mention lots of folks new to cycling had been asking if they can go tubeless with their current setup. 

Component Deals & Selection / VYRO, new shifting technology
« on: June 17, 2017, 08:54:35 PM »
Just saw this VYRO Components video. It's actually over a year old but I'm guessing it is gonna be new news to some (or most) of us here.

So what's your opinion? Love it, hate it or hmmmm, I don't know? Personally, more points of failure.

29+ & 27+ / Want HT Trail need suggestion.
« on: April 24, 2017, 08:03:38 AM »
Don't really know where to put this but...

I've been exploring this nearby island and had seen a good number of trails. Trails that my full rigid 29er XC starts to feel inadequate. So I'm considering building a new HT trail bike. My options are 29er with suspension fork or a full rigid plus bike. Haven't decided on wheel size for the plus size but kind of leaning on 29+.

My concern is would a rigid plus wheel feel as good (better) than suspensioned 29er? I personally want a rigid fork because it's maintenance-free.

I got this Haro Projekt that I love... except for the brakes.  I really want to slap on disc brakes on it. It's actually a fixed gear with a free wheel option but with my riding style and preference it's always on free wheel. There's a good number of places I want to ride this bike at but the current clamp brakes just doesn't provide me with enough confidence to take it there. I've considered taking it to a shop and have it welded/modify but... bummer, an accessible bike frame builder isn't easy to find, much less a reputable one.

So, I saw something like this... (attachments 1 & 2). Would this work on my horizontal slider (attachment 3)?

The sliding adaptors would set me back around $65 (shipping included), is this a viable alternative? Please note that I still need to get a disc compatible fork, hubs, rims(?) and a set of hydraulic brakes.

After The Ride / My Crazy Audax (300km) Experience.
« on: December 05, 2016, 01:50:33 AM »
Went for my second Audax event last Saturday.  The 300km Brevit.  Finally got 5 friends to join me, went solo on my 200km.

It's funny how things can go wrong just when you forgot something.  For about 16 years, I have always carried a chain cutter on my rides (any rides) and used it twice helping total strangers.  Last weeked, I forgot to pack it with me and guess what?  First time in my life, I broke my chain, not once but twice in the same ride.

First break was 20km into the ride.  A friend who was behind stayed to help, he didn't have a chain cutter either but had a Leatherman tool.  With his tool and a couple of stones, we managed to fixed it. 17km later, the chain broke again.  This time, the chain snapped right in the middle of the link, and only a chain cutter can save us.  But Santa Clause came along.  3 fellow Audax partcipants who were cruising along at a liesurely pace (200km Brevit and first timers) lend us a chain cutter.  Looks like we're saved... would you believe, we broke the chain cutter?  The chain cutter snapped off right after the screw part, luckily we had already removed the snapped link.  So with the Leatherman and 2 stones, we managed to fix the chain again.  It took us 3 hours and 15 min to reach the 50km Control Point (we could have done it under 2 hours at that time).  We got the chain fixed with missing links this time and off we go. We also regrouped.

You think that's done.  Nope, my right pedal broke a bearing, for 15km, my pedal kept slipping off it's spindle.  Until we got to a small town and I had a pair of $3.75 new pedal installed.  It was the only pedal the small bike shop had.  We managed to waste over 2 hours because of these mech problems.

We pretty much reach the turn around Control point (approx 165km) just minutes before cut-off time (2:02PM). We were the last to reach there before they packed up and leave.  We pedaled back 5km and stop to take a very late lunch. Then we realized we only had 2 hours to do 60km to make cut-off time at the next Control Point.  And we were pretty much "Go, don't wait anymore."  It's better if one or two finished in time than none of us making the cut-off.  I was second and alone, wanna guess what happened?  I overshoot the Control Point.  And I mean totally, I only realized it when I saw the arch that's telling me I'm already leaving that town.  Man, that was like 10km away.  I didn't have a choice but to press on.

For the next 40-45km, I was pedalling alone in the dark.  And there were several long streches were my head light is the only light there is.  No moon, no stars, no street lights, not a vehicle passing by.  And I kept hoping it won't rain.  On the last Control Point, I decided I'm not doing that anymore and waited for my friends.  Two showed up in the next 10 min.  We waited for another 10 min for the other 2 would arrive.  They didn't made it in time, the last Control Point had packed up and left.  So we left too.

The 3 of us reach finish line with 14 min left.  The first guy had 30 min to spare.  The 5th guy was 5 min too late and listed as DNF.  The last guy never made it to finish line.  He suffered 2 flats at approx 50km from finish, he figured it take him 3 hours to reach finish line after cut-off time.  And decide to take the bus home.  Audax allowed me the missed Control Point, partly because the guys manning the station did see me.

Despite all these misadventures, it was a great experience and we were pretty much laughing about it the next day... in between muscle and joint pains of course.

Component Deals & Selection / Feedback on Titanium chains.
« on: November 17, 2016, 02:11:22 AM »
Are titanium chains worth it?  I'm not really after the weight but they do fight rust better than the ordinary chains.  Which is a plus with me as I do tend to forget to clean/lubricate my chains.  Are they more durable or just a weight-weenie thingy?

They cost 3-4 times more locally.

29er / Sava Bikes
« on: October 24, 2016, 09:24:09 AM »
I'm not really sure where to put this.

The few info I've read is that Sava is a German brand.  But over here in the Philippines, all the stocks came from China, with aggressive Chinese marketing.  Suffice to say, if one doesn't read one would believe it's Chinese.  But pretty much all the info Google showed me are Sava China or Sava Phils. (I'm guessing this has to do with Google being localized by region).  So I'm a bit lost.

I'm thinking of a titanium frame w/ carbon fibre parts single speed touring bike as next year's project.  And came across Sava.  They got a few ti models that's around US$1,250 (built bikes).  And carbon fibre models under US$1,000.  Granted the components aren't sexy, with Deore and 105's as their top of the line specs.  In short, they are targeting the budget concious ones.  And pretty much everyone I know (who's been riding with me for years) avoids it... because they believe Made in China can't be trusted.

I personally don't have anything against it (I got a couple of Chiners myself) but wants to know from folks here (especially the Germans and Europeans) who knew Sava.  Is it a good brand over there or am I better off looking at On One, Seven, Moots or Litespeed, Lynskey and the likes?

Road Bike Frames, Wheels & Components / My First Road Bike... is a Chiner.
« on: September 02, 2016, 02:27:19 PM »
After 4 decades of riding bicycles, I'm finally getting my first road bike.  Although, I did get a fixie early this year, it wasn't a full pledge roadie.  So after a month of planning and research, I finally start to get the parts the last couple of weeks.

Today, I just received the CS-RB01+RF01 T800 frame I ordered from Peter (Carbon Speed).  What a beautiful frame.  Not to mention light.  And, well, for those who wants to know, it was a smooth transaction, good communication with Peter.  Items were packed very well.

Parts/item                                        Price US$   Wt. Kg
Frame w/ fork : Carbon Speed CS-RB01+RF01 T800     $ 430.00    1.375
Seatpost      : Carbon Speed SP4 27.2mm               43.00    0.185
Seatpost Clamp: Circus Monkey 31.8mm                   9.87    0.014
Saddle        : Vivimax Emirates                      25.07    0.244
Stem          :
Handlebar     : ControlTech SLA dropbar               85.00    0.288
Bar Tape      : Circus Monkey EVA                      9.40    0.045
Spacer        : Circus Monkey Alloy 4pcs               4.68    0.010
Headset       : Neco/Circus Monkey                    18.00    0.140

Group set     : Ultegra 2x11                         468.00    2.480
   (weight includes wrappers for group set)
BS30 Adaptor  : La BiCi Press Fit Adaptor             34.00    0.149
Crank Boots   : Crank boot protector                   6.38
Pedals        : Xpedo XCF-05 Aluminum                 35.15    0.232

Wheel set     : Shimano RS 11                        149.00    2.000
   (includes rims, hubs, spokes and rim tapes)
Skewers       : Circus Monkey QR2 Road Ti             30.38    0.048
Tires         : Continental Gatorskin 700x25 (pair)   85.00    0.512
Tubes         : Continental Race (pair)               10.64    0.206

Speedometer   : Cateye Velo Wireless                  32.00    0.050
Bottle Cage   : Carbon Speed BC6                      13.00    0.020
Bottle Cage   : Carbon Speed BC8                      13.00    0.025
Others      :  Jagwire Cable/Housing set              32.00

Shipping      : Carbon Speed products                 50.00
Assembly      :                                       18.00

Cost  : $1,588.57
Weight:  7.883kg (unassembled)

I'm still waiting for the Circus Monkeys and the other stuff to arrive.  And hopefully I can start the wheel set at the end of next week.  Since I just assembled my Chiner HT MTB a couple of months ago, I got a likited funds for this build.  So the plan is I'm just gonna go for a cheaper wheel set for now.  And get myself a cf wheel set next year.  Also, I'm not really a fan of clipless pedals.  I like to be able to wear any shoes or even slippers/sandals. 

Component Deals & Selection / Zoedo Tire Liner/Protector
« on: August 08, 2016, 02:49:11 AM »

Just saw this being sold on a local online site.  Apparently these have been around for quite some time now, just not where I live.  Anybody tried this (or any other brand/s) before?  Are they worth it?

For those not familiar, you line the inside of your tire with this tape and it's suppose to help minimize punctures.

Cyclocross Frames, Wheels & Components / What cyclocross tire?
« on: July 13, 2016, 01:57:00 AM »
I just "slashed" (as opposed to puncture) my fixie tire while riding it last Sunday. And realized just how thin those tires were.  There's now an inch-long gash and I doubt I can close it without doing surgery.  I've actually glued a 2x1 tire patch on the inside 'cause if I don't, I could actually see the tube.

So I'm  in the market for a new tire, and I believe those cyclocross tires are more durable than the regular fixie or road bike tires.  Any recommendations?

29er / Ben's TChiner 29er
« on: June 20, 2016, 09:04:03 AM »
I guess it's time for me to really be a part of this forum with a chronicle of my new TChiner 29er.  Btw, "T" stands for "Taiwan", another country but still a Chiner.

Some of you were aware of me consider getting a Chiner CF frame set from Huapu.  But I ended up with something else and this is what happened.

Last week, I was actually set to make the order but checked out the local bike market Facebook group and saw an ad. A local guy who frequently orders custom CF frames from a Taiwanese CF company for himself and friends got his latest batch.  Turns out 1 of the frames sent was a wrong size.  Instead of 15.5", he was sent an 18.5" (which is around my size range, I'm 5'10").  Since the mess was the factory's fault, they agreed to sent him the right size frame and because it was custom painted, they (the factory) figured that they won't be able to sell it easily at their end.  They asked the guy to sell it locally at a discount with the standard 2 year warranty instead of having it shipped back.  So, I just shell out US$330 for the frame and CF seat post.

It was painted the Peter Sagan color scheme.  I still haven't taken photos of it but below a pic of a similar color scheme.

Built: TChiner 29er carbon fibre bike
Part                            Cost         Weight (kg)
cf ht frame                     US$ 330.00    1.300 (w/ headset)
Carbonium (cf) 29er rigid fork      110.00    0.575

cf seat post                          0.00    0.190
Specialized 60mm stem                28.00    0.130
Crank Bros Iodine 3 handle bar       38.70    0.270
DDK Saddle                           15.00    0.290
Easton grips                          0.00    0.130
Atomic pedals                        19.35    0.360

Shimano XT MT8000 group set         450.00    2.660 (w/ wrappers)
38T narrow-wide chainring            42.00    0.110

WTB 29er Speed Disk rims (pair)       0.00    1.080
Spokes & nipples                     53.75    0.390
Shimano 180mm Icetech Rotors          0.00    -tba-
Hubs (DT Swiss pair)                129.00    -tba-
Wheels (Maxxis Litethread pair)      64.50    -tba-
Maxis Tubes (pair)                    6.50    -tba-
Total:                        US$ 1,286.80    7.595kg (16.709lbs)

If price is 0.00 it simply means it's from my old bike or part of set.  Forgot to weight the rotors and inner tubes.  I'm currently missing only the hubs and wheels.  And will be getting the before the week ends.  Looking forward to have it up and running next week.

Wasn't able to weight the hubs, rotors, tubes and wheels individually.  But the parts are currently being assembled in an lbs. 

Finally paid for my Chinese-carbon fibre frame... although this one's from Taiwan rather than China.  I've pretty much dialed in to a 2x setup.  I loved the simplicity of a 1x but I missed being able to go faster when I do my monthly 100km rides.

Am currently in the crossroad choosing between going 2x10 or 2x11 Shimano XT (38T/28T) groupset.  My current 29er is close to 32lbs and sporting a 1x10 (32T chainring and 11-42T sprocket... 42T expansion ring on the sprocket).  And for the steepest climb in town, in most cases, I can climb it without using the 42T.  The new bike which this group set will be installed on is (l'm hoping) in the 22-24lbs range.  So naturaly, logic says I can get by with a 2x10 setup.  And put the saving and get me a Fox 32 fork. 

But since I'm not exactly that well verse with bike parts I think it's better to ask what am I missing if I don't go 1x11?  Is it just the extra gear range?  Or the shifters, derailure, and/or hydraulic brakes have significant performance differences.

Help make a better decision.  Thanks a bunch.

29er / Huapu 29er Frame
« on: June 08, 2016, 03:40:12 AM »
Thanks for the comments.  Seriously considering going a Chiner-frame, very nice price-point.

I saw this ad in Facebook.  I believe it's a very good deal.

Promo package for US$510, includes the ff:
CF 29er Hardtail frame (any size, 17 Med is around 1200grams)
Handlebar, seatpost, stem, saddle, and bottle cage (all CF)
Free extra dropout upon request.
FREE shipping worldwide!!!

From: Shenzhen Huapu Carbon Fibre Co.

I don't know what frame model and I haven't read about this company in Chinertown, BikeRadar or MTBR forums.  The contact person is pretty helpful with good enough English skill.  Anyone heard of this company?  What's their reputation?

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