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After The Ride / Can my daugther have your vote please?
« on: January 04, 2017, 02:39:45 PM »
As the most of you already know, my daugther, Luna Cnossen, is sponsored by XMCarbonSpeed. On the last picture you can see her on her bike, sponsered by Peter, on the World Cup trail in La Bress (France).

In 2015 she became a Dutch National Champion (NK) with mountain biking as youngster.
Last year, in 2016, she did it again on her XMCarbonSpeed sponsered bike.
But also she became a Dutch National Champion with cyclocross that year.

Because of her hard work and results, she's nominated as sporting talent of 2016, as well with two other kids (gym and tennis).

She would appreciate it if you vote for her on this site:
The sport election ends on January 19th (2017).

The page is in Dutch, but if you scroll down, you will see the section where to vote (see the first picture below) and chose "Sportvrouw 1" (which means "Sportwomen 1") en press "Verzenden" (which means "Send") .

Please comment this topic when you vote for her. Thank you very much.

26er & 27.5 (650b) / My daugthers racing mountain bike, CS-136
« on: January 18, 2016, 05:01:50 PM »
Started a new project.

I've got a daugther. She's 5'4"" tall and outgrown her current bike, a 15,5" carbon Specialized Stumpjumper 2009. So, she needed a new bike.
Because she's riding races in the Netherlands and last year she became Dutch Champion in her age (11 yr), there were some requirements for her new bike. It should be light, reliable and it should fits her well.

Should we buy a new bike or build a bike on our own, like I did for myself ?
Of course it would be a Chiner. Nothing more fun than building a bike together with your daugther.  And I've got really good experience with building a chiner myself.
So, we contacted Peter of And Peter was willing to sponsor my daugther because of her results and the help I gave Peter during his startup his own new company (also credits to Sitar_Ned and Carbon_Dude).

In November Peter send us a 18" CS-136 27.5-er frame with a FK-052 fork. It came in in the beautifull UD black finish, but you know how girls are, the bike needed a design. So, my daugther thought some weeks about a design. Putting painter's tape on the bike, draw her decals on the bike and finally she knew what she wanted. A bike in gray with flakes and neon pink decals. Huh ? I tried to changes her mind to a complete neon yellow bike, but she wasn't sensitieve for my ideas. So, I digitilize her ideas and went to a local painter.
After three weeks (almost the end of Decembre) and a lot of communication with the painter, we got the frame and fork back. At that moment, I was really glad she didn't changed her mind :)
The painter putted two clear paint layers with flakes, two clear paint layers, neon pink decals and again two clear paint layers (total 96 gram). On some places you can see the carbon-'flames' through the paint. So nice!

Now the time was come to building up the bike. Together with my daugther. She was very interesting in how everything works, in all the ins and outs. And that's good. If there's a problem with her bike, she can fix is by herself or if she can't, she can exactly tell me where or what the problem is.
The build went well. The only issue we had was some left-overs from the painter. There was some paint in the BSA BB. And at the drop-out we had to sand some paint away. After that, it was a piece of cake to put all the parts together.

We used only new part like:
   - Shimano XT M8000, 1x11, 34T, 11-42T
   - Wheeltec wheelset (Ryde Edge rims with wheeltec hubs). Weight 1345gr.
   - Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.25 tyres. Tubeless.
   - XTR pedals
   - Carbon handlebar, stem, seatpost (3k weave)
   - Procraft light weight saddle
   - 16gr grips

Tip: When you ordering a carbon fork, order it together with a axle. I forgot this and I couldn't find one in Europe. Peter sent me the correct axle.

The day before her 12th birthday the bike was ready.
This nice birthday present got a final weight of 8.3 kg (18.3 lbs), without pedals and accessories.
Of course she was very happy with her new  light weight racing bike. Hopefully she has a lot of fun on this bike during her races. Don't care if she wins or not, the only important thing is the fun-factor.

A final word to Peter of Thank you for sponsoring my daugther and being one of the people who makes it possible for her to ride her dream. Thank you!

Here're some pictures of the final result:

And here are some pictures of the design/painting/building proces:

Vendor Discussion & Reviews / Holiday time in China
« on: January 05, 2016, 08:21:02 AM »
During the Chinese Spring Festival holiday, from Feb 2nd to Feb 18th, most of the Chinese companies are closed.
XMCarbonSpeed is also closed during this holiday.

Please keep this in mind when placing a order, service calls or other request. It will take longer till you getting a response of these closed companies.

26er & 27.5 (650b) / Position of the cable insert holes
« on: December 10, 2015, 03:28:32 AM »
I've got my second frame from Peter, a IP-136.
Here in Europe we're riding with the rear shifter on the right of the handlebar. And the front shifter on the left. The insert hole in the frame for the cable of the rear derailleur is also at the right side of the frame. And the insert hole for the front derailleur cable is at the left side.
On my IP-256 I could swap the cables easily to get a nice curve in the cable. They won't touch the frame other then at the insert hole.

But on the IP-136 this isn't possible to swap.

I was wondering why these positions of the insert hole are chosen this way. Is this something European we're riding the shifters at these positions ?

Component Deals & Selection / FK-052 fork 15m nut
« on: November 25, 2015, 03:48:54 PM »
I started a new project with a new frame (CS-136) and fork (FK-052)from Peter. I'll start a new topic later.
I didn't want a Chinese axles, but a DT Swiss axles, front and rear.
Now I've got the parts I didn't realize the fork is without a integrated nut.
So, who knows which nut I can use in combination with the DT Swiss 15mm axle and the FK-052?

29er / How to post a picture
« on: September 03, 2015, 02:54:58 AM »
This 3rd party image hosting site is a great tip of Sitar_Ned. Now I preferred this one over

I made a little manual how to use it. It's so easy. A great feature is to edit the image after you upload the image. But don't forget to check the edit-checkbox before uploading (step 5). If you don't want to edit, skip step 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
When you copied the BB code url (step 11), you can paste it in you forumpost.

Please forgive me for using a picture of my little son over a picture of my Chinese bike as example. (I'm so proud of him)

Peter will become a daddy within a couple of days, so he won't reply as quickly as normal to his email or skype.

He asked me to inform you all, because he was in a hurry.

29er / Small crack IP256SL
« on: May 27, 2015, 07:08:39 AM »
Last month I noticed a small crack in my frame (IP-256SL). It's really small and it looks like a scratch, but it isn't. After a while, there is some white fluid on the crack. It looks like it coming out of the crack. When I wipe it off, after some days it's back again.

At the moment I'm not worried about it, but should I ? And does anybody know what that white stuff is ?

Today, I sent an email to Bert of XMIplay to ask for advise. The frame is still in his warranty period and I hope not it will getting bigger after the warranty period of two years.

More pictures:

Component Deals & Selection / Novatech freehub issue
« on: April 20, 2015, 02:48:27 PM »
This weekend I did a good clean of my wheelset and found some unexpected wear on the freehub of my Novatec D772SB (front D771SB). I've got these hubs now for about 8 months and I cannot believe this supposed to be in this short time. Some cogs damaged the freehub. It looks like Novatech made the freehub of soft material or is this a production failure ?

Anybody knows if there's a stronger freehub available ?

As the most of us know, Peter has left xmiplay. He leaves because he spent the most effort and energy into the company without any extra rewards.

Talked to him a lot last weeks. He told me he had to travel 3 hours to the office, stays there for the week and at the end of the week he travels back home to his pregnant wife Bella. He was one of the co-owners of xmiplay. Because he's the one who's putting the most effort and energy into the company without extra reward, he decided to leave the company and starts a new company (with Bella).
I told him that his selling point was/is the good and quick communication and the service he offers (most of the time ;) ). He will continuing this.
He has a lot of new ideas to make his company to a success.

So, Peter isn't gone, he's still in business. Within some weeks there is a new website and a new company name.

If you have question for Peter, you can contact him by email or skype:
skype: peterxu1206

His new account on ChinerTown: Peter Xu (his real name)

He have some 256 SL, 057, 106 29er frames in stock. Please contact him if you want to know more.

Fat Bikes / XmiPlay IP-010 complete Fatbike
« on: January 13, 2015, 02:57:55 AM »
Today, our friend from XmiPlay, Peter Que, contacted me on skype with some really nice picture of their fatbike. It's for a customer in New Zealand.

This is the setup:
Frame: IP-010 19'' BSA UD matt for 190x12
Fork: FK-019 UD matt for 150x15
Wheels: NSS FR80C (32/32H) UD matt, Novatec D201/D202 hubs for 150x15/190x12, Sapim RACE spokes, Sapim nipples
Tires: ChaoYang 4.0''
Crankset: RACEFACE single
Group: SHimano XT brakes and derailleurs
Headset: FSA headset
Handlebar: IP-B04
Seat post: IP-SP6
Stem: IP-ST1
Weight: 13,5 kg !!!

I asked Peter about the chainline. It was all good. He don't have a picture of the chaineline. Because the bike is already disassembled, he will make a picture of the chainline next time.

Please pay some attention to the nice and professional cable holes!

And here a picture of Peter and the bike. (now we have a face with the name :) )

After The Ride / Instruction video's and tutorials
« on: December 23, 2014, 09:44:58 AM »
Found Art's Cyclery on youtube and wanted to share this with you.
There're some nice and clear instructions about:

How (Not) To: Lube Your Bike

How (Not) To: Internal Cable Routing (really useful tips)

How (Not) To: Quiet Creaky Bikes with (VitalMTB)

How to Adjust Shimano Rear Derailleurs (very complete explanation)

etc etc

Video overview:

Component Deals & Selection / Bike lights
« on: October 03, 2014, 08:38:56 AM »
Does anyone have experience with bike lights from China ?

I ordered this one, but received it yet:

Just curious about your experiences.

26er & 27.5 (650b) / List of 27.5 (650b) Frames
« on: September 25, 2014, 02:58:49 AM »
Overview of available 27.5"(650b) frames

Component Deals & Selection / How much sealant/latex in a 30mm rim?
« on: August 29, 2014, 02:53:15 AM »
Does anybody knows the recommended amount of sealant/latex that is needed for a 30mm hookless tubeless setup?

I think the minimum is 120 ml, but couldn't find this on the internet.

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