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26er & 27.5 (650b) / John's 26er Build for the Kiddo
« on: January 06, 2016, 01:09:15 PM »
Well, after putting together my IP-057 last winter, and seeing my son start to dwarf his 24" Trek MT220 (and him being an awesome kid), we are going to start assembling components for a 14" 26er build for him.  He's 11-years old, so I'm hoping this bike will last him at least a few years, with multiple add-ons required to make it keep fitting, like setback seatposts and longer stems.  My rough math puts this at a 24.5" standover, and he was measured having a 25.5" "biking" inseam a week or two ago.

Goal is sub-$1500 with all-new components and sub 22lbs.  Here's what we're looking at:

Frame - FASTEAM? 14" 26er - $360 shipped  I did take a look at the CS-016 frame, but the reach is very long.

Fork - Reba or SID, if I can get a good deal on one.  $250 budget

Wheels - Anything cheap & light.  He only weighs 65 lbs.  $250 budget

Drivetrain - XT 2x10 with 165mm cranks.  Currently debating keeping 2 in the front and selecting the 38/24 setup, or removing the big ring from the 40/28 and replacing with a bash guard.  Regardless, I'm getting the Shadow+ medium cage considering it's only a couple bucks more.

Brakes - Strongly leaning towards BB7's instead of XT hydraulics.  I don't seem to have any luck bleeding brakes, although this frame is external-route, so I don't have to cut/disconnect to route.  As I type this, I remembered another plus to the XT levers - adjustable reach for my little guy's hands.  We shall see.

Misc. - Carbon seatpost (excess cut off), used aluminum bars, shorty stem I had lying around from my build.

Going to sit with him this evening to sort out his most important part - COLOR SCHEME!  Frame comes in gloss green, gloss white, gloss pink (ewww), and matte black 3k weave.  Going to be doing a lot of eBay, Amazon shopping the next few days.

Component Deals & Selection / Help me spec a bike for my son
« on: September 28, 2015, 12:42:07 PM »
Okay, I know I've posted about building a bike for my son, but I'm getting more serious now and could use the collective help of you guys here.

I'm having difficulty finding a frame.  Peter sent me the geometry of the CS-016 in 14.5" and I wasn't enthused with the long reach (560mm ETT).  I found the following frame - - and the geometry looks a million times better, but only comes with a BB92 (press-fit).

For simplicity's sake, I was going to go with a 1x setup and mechanical disc brakes.  His current 24" wheel bike has 150mm cranks, and I expect him to grow another couple of inches between now and the start of next season, so I was going to go ahead and make the leap to 170mm cranks.

I fully realize the frame, fork, and wheels are likely sunk costs as he'll outgrow most of them in a few years, but I'm willing to eat that.  What I need help on is frame options - do you guys know of any other small/xsmall (14-16" frames) in 26er?

I'm looking at taking the leap into clipless.  For a novice, what would you recommend? 

What tire recommendations do you have, and what conditions do you run them in?

I currently have Small Block 8's front and rear, but am already thinking of changing without a single trail ride - someone in my build thread suggested either Nevegal's or Slant Six.

After The Ride / Tubeless gods frown upon me...
« on: February 05, 2015, 06:42:34 AM »
So, if you followed my 29er build, you know I had some issues with it.  Front tire remains tubeless, but the rear I caved and threw a tube in after I got Stan's under the Gorilla tape...

I have a cheapo fatbike (Motobecane Fantom FB4), and wanted to change out the Vee Rubber Missions (holy he**, those are horrible tires) and try and go tubeless with that.  Found a deal on some Origin8 Devist8rs on a  local forum so I picked those up.

First attempt was Gorilla Tape tubeless, with door sill sealing foam.  First thing I noticed was that the Devist8rs are a PAIN to mount - went through 4 plastic levers to get the things on, then gave up and went to the metal ones I have.  After three days of trying to get the beads to seat and multiple times of calming my dog down from all of my swearing, I put the tubes back in.

Second attempt was last week, and tried to go Ghetto tubeless.  Picked up some 24x2.1-2.3 tubes off Amazon and sliced them right down the middle.  Was expecting at least a 1/2" of overlap past the bead seat area and ended up with 1/16", which meant I had to perfectly position them.  Mounted tire, and everything was out of position.  After another few hours of cursing (and dealing with a dog who thought he was in trouble), I threw the tube back in.

Who did I piss off?  Anybody run Devist8rs and have the same mounting issue?

After The Ride / XS 26er frames?
« on: December 01, 2014, 12:14:08 PM »
After reading a topic over on MTBR in the "Riding with Families" section, I started looking into an XS 26er build for my son.  I would likely transfer almost everything from my old 26er to that bike.  Anybody have any leads on who sells something in the 14-16" range?  He's 10 right now, about 4'5", so I'm guessing he wouldn't fit into something like this for another year, so that may be next year's Christmas present.

29er / John's IP-057 build - first bike build ever
« on: November 01, 2014, 10:11:09 AM »
Well, parts are rolling in, so I figured I'd start this because I am going to have a *TON* of questions.  Build list:
  • IP-057 frame, Matte, BSA bottom bracket, 17.5" from XMIPlay
  • Neco headset, seatpost, chain stay protector from XMIPlay
  • Shimano 2x10 XT Drivetrain, XT brakes from Ribble
  • IP-M23C wheels on red Novatec hubs with red spoke nipples, from XMIPlay
  • red RaceFace Turbine riser bar
  • RockShox 30 Gold 120mm travel
  • Kenda Small Block 8

I am new to bike-building, but am pretty mechanically inclined, so I don't envision too many problems, especially with your help and a few riding buddies at work.

So, as I await the frame (should get back in stock in China in the next week), I started putting the wheels together.  Went to LBS to pick up some Stan's valve stems and sealant.  After watching some of the videos on the Stan's web site, I went ahead and mounted the tires (no rim strips yet) and couldn't get the beads to seat for the life of me.  Second attempt was after running Gorilla tape sticky side down, and was much better, but without sealant they wouldn't hold air for more than 15s.  Most of the leakage was around the bead, at least according to the soapy water.  So my questions:

1) Is that an okay method of DIY rim strips or is there a better method?
2) Am I good to go ahead and throw the Stans in the tire and inflate?

Gotta admit, they look pretty good:

29er / Help with components - build on a budget
« on: September 19, 2014, 09:01:03 AM »
Hey all,

Came here from MTBR.  I've reignited the flames of mountain biking from 20 years ago within the last two years and I'm looking to build up from scratch over the winter.  I have some minor experience working on bikes, but I'm not too worried about putting it together because I have many coworkers and friends who race and work on bikes on the side.  My stable currently consists of Craigslist finds ($400 Specialized Rockhopper 26er and a $350 Specialized TriCross single speed I use for commuting) or cheap bastard bikes ($800 Motobecane Fatbike I bought last winter).  So, needless to say I can't see myself dropping $3k on a bike, especially with my use - a few times a month at most and no racing.  I'm more focused on building a bike that's reliable and the build experience itself (need to keep my hands busy or I lose my mind).  I'm no weight weenie - I figure it would be easier/cheaper for me to lose 15 pounds, which I have to, than find ounces in bike components.

With that said, here's what I'm thinking:

Frame - IP-057 with spare hangers & suck guard = $550 shipped
Drivetrain / Brakes - Shimano Zee = $650 shipped (found on eBay)
Wheels = $350 to $400
Fork = $300 to $400
Tires = $100
Cockpit - ?????
Misc - ????

Are there any other budget-blowers that I'm missing?  Looking for recommendations  wherever you guys have them.  If I don't get a whole lot of use out of the fatbike this winter, I could either sell it or part it for use here.  Looking for 1x10, and there's another build here that used Zee components.  The costs I listed out comes to about $2k, but if at all possible I'd like to get it down to around $1500.  Feel free to smack some sense into me if that's unrealistic.

- John

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