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After The Ride / Happy new year
« on: January 01, 2017, 04:51:12 AM »
Happy new year 2017 to all

Hope this new year will make all your dreams true

After The Ride / Happy new Year
« on: January 01, 2016, 05:06:09 AM »
I wish all of you an excellent and happy new year 2016

Hi all
(not sure it's the right place for this topic - I hesitated to post it in "After the ride"...)

I wonder how long the Customs process takes, and what % of taxes we can expect.
I think this might be interesting for a lot of people who are still hesitating to purchase a frame or components from China
I found some information on the forum, but usaually it's just a few words in a thread - not easy to have a synthesis

I've already bought a frame from Peter, and it's currently blocked at Customs, ... since the 20th of October morning
I exchanged a little with Peter, asked him if he could share something with me about that (as I 'm a newbie for that (everything starts one day :-) )  and he did but each country has its specificities 

so the idea for that post is to give a summary of our different experiences country by country...

I'll share mine when everything will be completed - what I can already share is that the process is taking minimum 3 days for France!

Advice: you have to keep an eye on the tracking information - in my case, it was mentionned "Held for customs inspection", " Contact the sender or recipient in process for missing documents" but noone contacted me nor Peter... I contated the Customs Office to get more information, and provided the proof of buy.... and since... I've been waiting

the information could be listed in a chart like this:
Process duration: minimum time for the process: 3 days (as of Customs have all documents
% of taxes: ? don't know yet
Advice:prepare a copy of your Paypal payment (.pdf) and send it to : (email title = tracking number), plus "Je soussigné xxxxxxxx, m’engage à régler les droits et taxes à la livraison de mon colis N° yyyyyyyyy. "


26er & 27.5 (650b) / My FM 196 build
« on: April 28, 2015, 04:56:19 PM »
Hi all
and thank you for all the information you are sharing on this forum

this is my turn to share my build - based on a Chiner FM 196 frame (17.5")

I wanted to have a bike with a good balance between weight, cost and reliability
I guess I'm very closed to my expectations  :)

I'm using a full SRAM 1x11 transmission, Mavic Xmax SLR wheels, Hope brakes (I reused from my previous bike) ans some other components such as Thomson seat post, Ritchey handlebar ...

the picture shows my Winter built with some Continental XKing tires - already replaced by some Rubena ones (lighter and stronger)
since that picture I also added some stickers ( because I found the bike a little too - I also adjusted the cables and finetuned the position

I'll try to give another picture

the total weight is 9.4 9.3kgs (including pedals, Tires sealant, frame protection (top tube) and speed counter)

I've some options to reduce it to 9.1kgs for a reasonable price... but I'll see that later

I've already ridden it for almost 900km since I've built it - and I've to say that I really like it  ;D
My practice is XC/XC Marathon

I'll test it on some long distance races soon - I'll give you my feedback


Hi all

I've just bought a FM-196 frame via a reseller (French) - simply to avoid boring problems with customs (in France we often have this for all goods coming from China)

I want to know who is really the manufacturer but the reseller remains mute on that ...
I found some guys who have bought some frames via this reseller, and comment are very good... and that decided me to buy
but I still would like to know who is the manufacturer
the only sign I could find is a sticker "FM-196" and 17.5"size sticker inside the headtube

so is there a way ( a kind of signature) to find who is the manufacturer?

thanks in advance

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