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29er / Re: Chinertown's Holiday Giveaway!
« on: November 18, 2017, 06:32:50 PM »
Count me in!

As for a favorite, I'm very happy with my WW 062 frame.

What would I pick today? Either the CS-197 fat bike frame or the CS-GR029 CX frame as I don't have either right now. I think the GR029 would probably be the better choice as the wheels would work perfectly on it.

29er / Re: Choosing the right m062 frame size
« on: November 18, 2017, 06:13:40 AM »
I am 181.5cm tall and ride the 18.5. At your height, I would definitely go with the 20” frame. You could make the 18.5” but it wouldn’t be ideal.

26er & 27.5 (650b) / Re: 14" 26er FM-M001 build
« on: November 15, 2017, 09:55:40 AM »
Peter doesn’t sell this frame but he did have a similar 15” 26er frame. My daughters frame is still going strong with out any issues. Here is a current link for the 14” frame.

26er & 27.5 (650b) / CS-406 27.5 Hardtail frame from XMCarbonSpeed
« on: November 01, 2017, 05:05:53 AM »
Just another build thread. This time I ordered a CS-406 from Peter in UD matte, BB92 shell, 142 axle, and size 15.5". The frame will not be shipped for another couple of weeks but I figured I would get the thread going now.

Here are the preliminary specs.

Frame: XMCarbonSpeed CS-406 15.5" frame UD matte finish, BB92, 142x12 axle
Fork: RockShox Revelation RCT3 27.5 100mm travel 15mm thru axle
Bar: Chiner carbon flat bar 670 wide
Grips: ESI Racer's Edge
Stem: Wake 40mm
Seatpost: GUB 31.6 straight post
Saddle: Codream 230x140 kids seat from Amazon
Brakes: Shimano Deore M6000
Rotors: Shimano 160mm Centerlock
Wheels: DT Swiss XM421 27.5 28h rims, DT Swiss 350 hubs, DT Swiss Competition spokes, Sapim aluminum self locking nipples
Tires: Bontrager XR3's
Crank: SRAM Descendant 165mm GXP
Chainring: RaceFace 32t N/W round
Bottom Bracket: SRAM GXP BB92
Pedals: Race Face Chester
Shifter: Shimano SLX M7000
Rear Derailleur: Shimano SLX M7000
Cassette: Shimano XT M8000 11-42 11 speed
Chain: Sram NX PC-1110

Once the frame arrives, I'll post up more information and some pictures.

26er & 27.5 (650b) / Re: 14" 26er FM-M001 build
« on: October 29, 2017, 07:12:11 AM »
The frame finally arrived! Took forever for them to ship it, but they eventually did and it looks good.

Seat post clamp was missing, but it will be sent to me.

Now the hunt for parts begins!

Awesome! No pictures yet?  8)

29er / Re: looking for a frame with modern geometry
« on: October 26, 2017, 11:46:37 AM »

I don't want 27+,it's a new fashion tyre....
I don't think,they will be here in future.

I think what Steve was saying is that you can get a 27.5+ frame and just put 29er wheels on it. Most are cross compatible.

29er / Re: looking for a frame with modern geometry
« on: October 26, 2017, 06:33:20 AM »
It is odd. Especially since even their "new" models are coming with 440mm chainstays. The only options so far are the 27.5+ / 29 / 29+ frames like the CS-496 from Peter. With 29x2.4 tires and a 120 to 140mm fork, it should be pretty fun and similar to the Trek Stache.

I have the Workswell version as the 496 was not available at the time, and it's been great. But it still setup as a rigid bike. Maybe I should steal the 130mm Pike and carbon 29er rims from my wife's SC Tallboy 3 and see how they ride on the WW frame. I'm not sure how much she would like that though....

29er / Re: looking for a frame with modern geometry
« on: October 25, 2017, 07:24:54 PM »
Unfortunately none. This question gets asked on a regular basis and still nothing from the known vendors. I'm hoping for something along the lines of the Transition Vanquish.

26er & 27.5 (650b) / Re: LightCarbon / Yishun - Any experience?
« on: October 25, 2017, 09:14:44 AM »
The frames do look similar between the two vendors. I'm not sure if the companies are the same or if they just use the same factory to get their frames from.

Have you decided on a frame yet?

I am looking for a 27.5 HT also. I am pretty much set on the CS-406 from Peter but there are two things that have me a little hesitant. One is the cost as it's a little under $500 which is more than I was hoping to spend. The other is the internal routing of the cables. I would prefer to run a full length of housing and I'm not sure how this is set up. It appears to have just the cable running through the frame. If possible, I would like to drill the cable stops out a bit and run the housing through the frame. The Workswell frame I have, I did that to. On that frame, the cable stops are actually metal inserts bonded into the carbon. So I never drilled any of the carbon, just oversized the hole a bit.

29er / Re: Hardtail frame for XC with Boost
« on: October 24, 2017, 02:50:16 PM »
You can run a standard 29" wheel in these frames. Just use the 27.5+ dropout position. Both have a 425mm chainstay. The workswell frame gives you the geometry in all configurations.

29er / Re: Cannondale fail
« on: October 23, 2017, 01:15:33 PM »
That's because generic chinese carbon is bad and unreliable. That is probably a generic carbon frame and not a real Cannondale.  :o

(Disclaimer - the previous comment is dripping with sarcasm)

29er / Re: Hardtail 29er Advice Needed
« on: October 15, 2017, 05:42:38 PM »
I have the WW 062 and I've been very happy with it. It's currently set up as a single speed with a SID XX at 120mm. Definitely a lot more fun than I would have expected. Running Bontrager XR2 29x2.2 tires with plenty of clearance so 2.3's should be fine. Seatpost is 27.2 though. If you can live with that, I would say go for it..

I think I'll be building up a CS-406 from Peter over the winter as it's the closest thing to what I'm looking for. Once it arrives, I'll see how the Maxxis Rekon 2.6 fits and post it up here. I won't know for a month or so though. It will be a winter build for my daughter.

None that I have found. I've been looking for a similar frame. There are the boost frame options that have 2 position dropouts but I would prefer to stick with a 12x142 spacing also. I really don't understand why they all have chain stays longer than my 29er, which is also a WW 062. They should be WELL under 430mm but it seems like 440 is their favorite number.

Classifieds / SOLD: New Sram X0 GXP carbon crank arms 175mm
« on: October 06, 2017, 02:01:47 PM »
I have some X0 carbon crank arms that I don't need. They are new and have never been installed. $175 plus shipping.

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