Author Topic: Chiner Components - Finds, Recommendations, Reviews, Knockoffs  (Read 5964 times)


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Re: Chiner Components - Finds, Recommendations, Reviews, Knockoffs
« Reply #45 on: September 12, 2017, 06:38:42 AM »

Still looking for thoughts on trustworthy vendors for handlebars/seatposts...aliexpress, web, ebay, amazon or otherwise...

I have had good luck with the Nashbar carbon seatposts. They can be had for under $40. They aren't super light at 220ish grams but not heavy either. Bars are 800mm wide and weight is similar to the other big name companies.

There is this Santa Cruz bar that's 720mm wide. Not super cheap but from reputable company.


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Re: Chiner Components - Finds, Recommendations, Reviews, Knockoffs
« Reply #46 on: November 11, 2017, 11:11:30 PM »
Things I have found on Aliexpress I would buy again:

Santic Shorts - $23.00
Fox knock off long sleeve jerseys - $12.00 (definitely nowhere close in design and completely different fabric, but cool and wicks sweat great).
Headsets - $9
Rear axle with ratcheting feature - $18 (def worth posting a link:
Tideace Seatpost - $28
Tideace Handlebar (700 mm) - $20
Future Carbon saddle with Titanium rails - $30 (Selle SMP style - I have 2 and love them!)
Foam Grips - $2 (They are a little thinner than name brand, but $8 cheaper!)
Rock Bros Sunglass kit - $15 (This is the one that comes with 5 different lenses and case)
X2U Sport clothing - $12 to $15.  (I actually saw this stuff on a major European site for over $50! )
Tieboa Shoes - $52  (They made it though 1 season and still going strong).
Coospo Heartrate Monitor $20  (Works great with Strava and Wahoo)
Coospo Speed and Cadence sensor - $19 (Cadence works with Strava, Cadence and speed work with wahoo.  There are major compatibility issues with Strava on a phone and dual readout sensors, so it's a Strava issue, not a device issue).
Lixda Helmet - $15  I bought a second one because the first one smells like a jock strap... Now I take it in the shower with me after my rides and rinse it good. The new one has done much better just from the simple washings.
Rock Bros Multi Tool - $12
SNAIL brake rotors - $25 for a set.
Idqidao brak rotors - $10 per disk.  (Now I see DECKAS brand on the same 2pc rotor).
DECKAS chain Ring - $26
Aluminum Seatpost Clamp - $1.37

Things I would NOT buy again:

Any carbon part with ASIACOM brand on it.  My seatpost broke on the 3rd ride which was me just doing bunny hops in my front yard.  It broke in the air when I pulled the bike up underneath me and the seat slapped my butt.   I tried some handlebars... Seemed to be a little sketchy.  After about a dozen rides, I took them off to inspect them and the were cracked under the controls on both sides!!!! Glad I pulled that part.  The stem would not stay tight.  Every time crashed my handlebars would spin.  Kinda sucks because it was a 60mm x 15 degree which I used inverted to get my bars lower.  I really liked the positioning.  Now I'm on a Strynge 60mm x 7 degree inverted.

Most of the saddle bags I have tried did not last.  Granted I bought the cheap ones between $5 - $10.  I might give it 1 more round with the Rock Bros brand since the glasses and multi tool I have from them are holding up nicely.

Carbon saddles with carbon rails.  I'm only 155lbs and I broke the rails on the saddle within 2 weeks of riding.

My Asiacom handlebars crumbled like tissue paper (in the parking lot luckily).  No crashes, and the break did not occur at the controls/stem like other carbon bars normally do... They were as light as advertised unfortunately.