Author Topic: Novatec D791SB and end cap compatibility  (Read 56 times)


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Novatec D791SB and end cap compatibility
« on: February 04, 2018, 09:14:32 PM »
I'm running a Sram Torque cap front fork and a novatec D791SB hub with standard 15x110 thru axle endcaps. I don't mind much, but getting the front hub lined up with the fork is a right pain.

I took a random search just out of curiosity and found these, they appear to be torque cap compatible endcaps! The listing only gives compatibility with "D541SB,D881SB,XD641sb,factor, and some oem/odm hub such as spank kore" Bummer, not my hub!

I found this web page and it makes me think that all of these novatec hubs use similar endcaps and they call it "multi axle system." I'm curious how likely it'll be these fit if I order them, they aren't expensive so I don't mind trying them for the sake of knowing.

Has anyone any experience with these novatec hubs multi axle system? Any guesses on how likely they are to work?