Author Topic: Help me decide: CS-036 or CS-098 (Full Suspension 29ers)  (Read 558 times)


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Help me decide: CS-036 or CS-098 (Full Suspension 29ers)
« on: June 29, 2016, 11:07:40 PM »
So... I've been planning to build a CS-036 for that longest time, but today I stumbled upon some builds done with a different 29" frame known as the IP-098. The frame is very similar to a Specialized Enduro and has room for a larger fork and larger rear shock. I did a little research and was only able to find 3 or 4 builds with the frame. Not much to go off of, but most people seemed happy enough with it. Anyways, I emailed Peter with a picture of the frame and he told me that he can get it for me and the reason he doesn't list it on his site is because "the reviews are not as good as the CS-036". I think the frame is sexier and has a little more potential to be something that can be used aggressively in some more downhill technical terrain. I'll upload the geometry and image that Peter included and you guys can feel free to give me some opinions. It's definitely an interesting frame!

- Midwest