Author Topic: Let's share our Chinese carbon wheels.  (Read 135 times)


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Let's share our Chinese carbon wheels.
« on: February 01, 2018, 08:47:42 AM »
I just had another set of wheels built up with some rims from Peter at XMCarbonSpeed. It's a good as time as ever to start a wheel thread. Feel free to add to the list so people can see what some options are.

This set consists of:
AS738C rims from, 38mm outer, 32mm inner, 28h, 820 grams for the pair, measured ERD 552mm to top of nipple head
DT Swiss 350 Centerlock Boost hubs, 28h, rear is running the 54t ratchet
Sapim CX-Ray spokes also from XMCarbonSpeed
Sapim double hex self locking alloy nipples
Decals from Slik Graphics (I live in a color matched world, I blame it on my 2 daughters, don't judge me  ;D)
Total cost with labor was $950, that's using full retail on the hubs and $100 in labor.

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Re: Let's share our Chinese carbon wheels.
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2018, 12:00:21 PM »
Ok, I'll dive into it. No pictures since I'm not home right now.

The first set of wheels I built in 2012 was with 26er rims with 17.8mm inner width. The weight was 330g each. I laced them with Sapim Laser spokes and Polyax alloy nipples to a set of WTB Laserdisc Light hubs (rebranded American Classic hubs). I went 28 spokes front and rear. I replaced the junk bearings that came in the hubs with Enduro ceramic hybrid bearings. They weight 1373g with tape. Those wheels are still on my Giant Anthem 2008 and have seen many many Km.

The second set of chinese carbon wheels I bought was for my roadbike. They are from and were ordered with the Ed hubs and ceramic bearings.

The third set of wheels is another one I've built at the begining of 2016 with rims. They came in at 378g each. I used Pillar Megalight SS spokes and Pillar alloy nipples with Tune King/Kong hubs. I went 28 spokes front and rear. The weight at that time was 1354g with tape and valves. At the end of 2016, a stick of wood got stuck in my rear wheel breaking the rim, many spokes and my rear derailleur. I replaced the rim with a 35mm assymetric one from and changed the spokes to Sapim CX-Rays and Polyax alloy nipples. That choice was money driven since Pillar Megalight SS spokes cost a freaking lot of money. I kept the remaining good Megalight spokes as spare for my front wheel. I didn't weight the rear wheel with the new rim/spokes.