Author Topic: IP-256SL Build: Three times the fun.  (Read 44360 times)


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Re: IP-256SL Build: Three times the fun.
« Reply #150 on: July 12, 2017, 02:35:16 PM »
Bumping this thread up from the dead for a bit of an update.

We were able to coordinate a ride with all three bikes this past weekend.  This is the first time all three have been together in over a year.  Work, children, life and made it so there were only two of us riding together at any one time for too long.

I'm happy to report that all three are still running great with zero issues related to the China carbon parts.  The SRAM drivetrains have also been remarkably reliable.  All of us are still on the original headset and crank bearings.  Only I've needed to replace a chain and chainring.  All cassettes are still going strong. This is probably due to very regular cleaning and maintenance coupled with our normally dry climate.  There have been some broken spokes and a freewheel along the way, but no cracked carbon.

A+ for the IP-256SL and for the wheels/cockpit components.  We all agree that these bikes have been some of the best money we've spent.

Next year we are planning to build full suspension XC race bikes.  But we will be using the Specialized Epic frame as a starting point.  I just feel that there isn't anything directly comparable from the Chinese vendors yet, though that could change.

Here are some pictures after our morning ride of ~18 miles.